The Flare in the Dark. A Journey of Fulfillment: Day 25

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In Divine Mind, we are already filled full!

All are equally filled full. All are equal in Love.

Remember fullness; remember purpose.

Know your purpose; share your fullness.



I mentioned recently that on this journey I am experiencing many more “duh” moments than “ah-ha” moments. This past week, I had some interactions that gave me very small “ah-ha” moments. Those moments, though, are not like a brilliant flash of light that permeates my whole being…rather…it is like a distant flare in pitch black that is showing me a direction, but not much else.

I had two “interactions” this week with two people—let’s call them Jack and Jill. Jack is a person I would call my friend; he is “spiritual,” strives for serving humanity, is wise and loving. I trust Jack; I trust his intentions and motivations. Jill is not a person I would call my friend, but interaction with her is part of my life activity at this time. She is the kind of person who makes snide remarks behind people’s backs; she is always looking out for her own interests, and manipulating situations to serve her “self”; her way of demonstrating power/authority is to cut people down. I do not trust Jill or her intentions or motivations.

The specifics of the interactions I had with them are not relevant here; what is relevant is with both interactions, I went away from them wondering how to respond.

I’m not saying it meant my response was going to be directly to them. Rather, I questioned my internal response: what did these interactions mean? How was I going to interpret the interaction? What should my attitude be as a result? What does my decision about what it means say about me?

For both people, both situations, I had the same questions in mind.

I was able to look at the questions I was asking and compare/contrast them from my internal perspective toward someone I like and respect (a “friend”), and someone I don’t like and don’t respect (an “enemy”). The label I put on the person influenced the answers to the questions. That lit the flare in the dark.

Two things were highlighted for me: a) my own self-centeredness, b) my own pre-conceptions (also known as pre-judgments, also known as prejudices).

I don’t know if I would have been willing to see this, if I were not on a Journey of Fulfillment. I’ve been writing the past couple of days about Oneness and its relationship to fulfillment, in that time I’ve noted things like:

We are complete and healed and whole in Oneness, as is everyone.

We are one self, with one will, united within ourselves and between our selves.

What I want, at the level of Oneness, can only serve what you want.

Appearance is not the truth.

All of my evaluations of the two interactions were based on me—on my own self-centeredness, not on wholeness or oneness. These statements, these thoughts about oneness, remind me that there is no “I” as it appears in the interactions. Appearance is not truth. From a standpoint of Oneness, the interactions were equal; there is no “friend”, there is no “enemy”. The purpose, the goal, in each situation was Fulfillment.

[The how in “How does this serve fulfillment?” currently escapes me. I do not have that answer. I am still just processing the appearances, and asking this question.]

If I believe what I say; if I want to behave in a way that is congruent with my words, with my own philosophy, then I must begin to be aware of how I approach situations from a point of my self, instead of a point of unity. This is why it was a flare in the dark. I now have a glimmer of understanding for a new approach, a new attitude toward situations, and now I must go.

The second highlight I saw through this situation was how I pre-judged each person and each situation.

After I realized I was asking the same questions, but viewing each person (the “object” of the questions) differently, I saw that any answer I came up with was only a different shade of perspective. Perspective, like opinion, is just always incomplete. Perspective can always change. Perspective shifts. Perspective is not an answer. It’s a way of looking at something.

With each “answer” I got, I realized it was tainted with how I viewed each person—as “friend” or “enemy.” Thus each “answer” only validated a view that I already held. It was not an answer, it was only my own pre-conception looking back at me.

I also think this insight would not have been possible without being on a Journey of Fulfillment. It was just a few days ago that I was “perplexed”, asking questions like, “Are people fulfilling a purpose moment to moment, whether they know it or not?” and “Am I fulfilled and just don’t know it?”

Allowing myself to be perplexed, to ask these questions, and truly being ignorant of an answer opened the space for real answers. There were no pre-conceptions to feed.

The answers, however, were not an answer to my questions (my questions can’t have an answer; they can only have a perspective). The answer was in the form of a new awareness.

What do I want? Fulfillment. Joy. Purpose, which are born from Oneness, Love, Truth.

If those things exist through an awareness, understanding, and acceptance of Oneness and Unity, then I must expand my awareness of Oneness and Unity.

 All are equally filled full. All are equal in Love.

Remember fullness; remember purpose.


One thought on “The Flare in the Dark. A Journey of Fulfillment: Day 25

  1. “The flare in the dark” is the experience I get when reading this – that state of mind of “high contrast,” and the blinding of the object by the light of discernment. The mind’s ability to “see” one thing from another, and yet realize they are the same despite appearances (guiding thought from the day before).


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